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Meet Frankie & Mark Ortega

Frankie and Mark have been fortunate enough to call this beautiful mountain their home all their lives.

Family comes first to the Ortegas. Raising their family has always been their number one priority, but they have found time outside of their family and careers to create the perfect wedding venue in Big Bear and showcase this unique property that is Shay Ranch.

This dynamic duo of design and builder (Mark Ortega Custom Homes), Frankie and Mark have brought the rustic vintage Big Bear design to life here at Shay Meadow Ranch and Resort.

“We are thrilled beyond words bringing our vision of the Ranch to host weddings, events and getaways here at our Rustic Resort.”
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Frankie & Mark Ortega

The Ortegas are excited to have you experience true Big Bear at their historic venue creating your own time capsule of memories here at the Ranch.